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Heat seekers

            The book I read titled Heat Seekers written by Zane for me was really a page turner. This author is really knowledgable about how to keep her readers on there toes by leaving the guessing whats going to happe next at the end of each chapter . Zane keeper her readers inquiring with this smart and seductive novel depicting the volatile, sensual escapades of two unforgettable pairs of lover. Zane is capable of ushering her readers into an exhilarating world that is rich with original thoughts and ideas like no other author.
             This novel is basically interesting to those who are aware of the ups and downs in a realationship. If you are a person that does not display an open mind then possibly you would not like this novel. There's Tempest, barren from a botched abortion when she was younger, who is a dedicated counselor at a teen pregnancy center. Tempest happens to be a very successful individual who has fallen into some very bad situations as far as relationships are concerned. She is a 28 year old African American woman with a very fulfilling career as a medical assistant. Tempest has been single for a number of years with casual relationships here and ther never anything serious as she wishes for. .
             In her spare time Tempest is volunteers at a teen pregenacy center in the lower West sid of Washington D.C While being a concelor at this center she comes in contact with a young girl who is pregenat and soon due to deliver her new baby. She quickly becomes very attached to her because she reminds her of herself when she was younger. This specific young lady is in need for a lot of care and lover because she is only 15 years old and pregenate nor does she receive any love or support from her mother at home. From being so stressed out from all the decisions she has come to be faced with she tries to take her own life by slicing her rist while at the Center. She became so overwhelmed with the fact that she is only 15 years old and pregenate also at the fact that her mother abuses her even while she is pregenate.

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