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The benefits of NATO

            It is clear that the United States must set the example and ratify its key role in the North Atlantic Treat Organization immediately. The primary reason for this lies in the military benefits of NATO, however, the treaty is also a vehicle for closer political, economic, and security cooperation in the North Atlantic community. It is a fundamental part of our foreign policy, and will become the foundation of our security system. It is of the utmost importance because while it is technically limited to the North Atlantic area, the treaty countries exercise control over a humungous bulk of the strength of the free world, and what happens in Western Europe has direct and immediate political and economic repercussions in Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, and Latin America. Thus the treaty will serve to benefit us militarily, while also increasing our influence and friendships to countries worldwide. .
             Militarily NATO will aid us tremendously. It will unite Western Europe with the United State's and provide a unified front against any soviet attack. Furthermore it will greatly increase the bargaining power of the democratic and capitalist world with the communist one, and will serve as a rival to the Warsaw-Pact recently ratified in the Soviet Union. Finally it will insure that no aggression is brought against any allied nation without immediate response by the entire force of NATO. .
             Economically the treaties importance is unrivaled. The treaty will increase our friendships with the nations of western Europe and will allow us to increase our exports to that region ten-fold. Likewise we will open our ports to our allies good's allowing new markets and technologies to open and flourish in the United States. This will affect our economy tremendously and in effect create thousands of new jobs for American workers to function in.
             Our political influence will spread exponentially with the ratification of this treaty, and if we accept it we will be in a much better position to exercise pressure on the Europeans to do what is necessary.

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