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Recent Cloning

             It has come to the world's attention that a religious cult, the Raelians, a Canada-based group have cloned the first ever human. It seems that their "leaders", some alien life have ordered them to create human clones just like this extraterrestrial life "created" us. Former sports writer Claude Vorilhon now known as "Rael" has confirmed the fact that a baby girl has been successfully cloned, with three more along the way. Yet no evidence has been brought forth so no one is positive whether this is real thing or just publicity stunt. .
             Techniques used in cloning almost always start with the removal of the nucleus of the receiving egg. The donor's genetic code is then taken and placed into the recipient egg. A machine is then used to fuse the two eggs together by applying a low electrical charge, thus allowing the receiving egg to engulf the nucleus of the donor. The cloned embryo is now cultured in an incubator and begins regular cell division. After three to five days these embryos are planted into the reproductive tract of the substitute mother. No genetic material is given from this mother, and when the child is born, he/she is identical to his/her donor parent. .
             There is no doubt that the potential of there being benefits from human cloning are tremendous. Already are scientists "growing" new, healthy body organs and tissue that will allow persons suffering from burns or from different bodily ailments can be cured. There is talk that someday researchers will discover how to reverse the aging process and prevent undergoing the usual body changes that take place when aging. Perhaps one of the most important possibilities is the chance of genetic disorders like Down syndrome and others will be preventable. Cancers, the rapid growth processes of tissue may be averted due to gene therapy, biochemistry, and yes cloning.
             The main dilemma is that religion and ethics decry human cloning as that is not how God has planned for people to be created.

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