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Buildings with Greek Influence

             Copied dozens of times in smaller state capitols across the country; the U. Inside this 19th century neoclassical complex the Senate and the House of Representatives create the laws that govern the nation. Like many other buildings in Washington, DC and in capitals around the world the U.S. Capitol is based on ancient Greek and Roman designs, as much of our culture, law, and language is. The south wing of the building contains the chambers of the House of Representatives. The north wing is home to the Senate. They meet at the Rotunda, under a grand dome, famed for its odd acoustics and less so for its 108 windows. The dome is 180 feet three inches tall and 96 feet wide on the inside. .
             Lincoln Memorial.
             This is probably the most recognizable memorial on the National Mall, not because of its grandeur, but because its image is embossed on the back of countless millions of pennies, complete with a tiny figure of the Lincoln statue. The monument is much larger than its monetary representation may project. It is 190 feet long, 119 feet wide and 99 feet tall. It is one of several neoclassical monuments modeled after the great temples of Greece and Italy. In this case, the homage is paid through the use of Doric columns. There are 38 of them, one for each state in the Union at the time of President Lincoln's death, plus two more flanking the entrance. The names of those states are carved into the frieze above the columns. They are topped by another list of the 48 states in the Union at the time the memorial was constructed. .
             Supreme Court.
             The most powerful court in the United States, the Supreme Court, was somewhat neglected compared to the other branches of government. While the president had the White House and congress had the Capitol building, the third branch of government didn't have a home until 1935. For 146 years the Supreme Court met wherever it could -- a private home, the Royal Exchange (later the Merchants Exchange) building in New York, Philadelphia's city hall, and several other locations.

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