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the cost of war

             It parades down our streets, it appears on our headlines: New War. The call for war surrounds us and then falters without a guilty person, country, or religion upon which to wage it.
             Yet we struggle to find an enemy; we all struggle to find an enemy to rise against and crumble. We want to put an end to their cause, their existence. We possess the desire to take back everything they took from us and then some. However, in the end, we cry amidst the rubble and smoke, death and fear. We mourn at the tragedy and we cry without the justice that we believe we desperately need.
             In our current situation the question arises of whether or not we strike. Do we Bomb Afghanistan, bomb the Taliban, bomb countries that may have transgressed against us? In the words of our president "bomb them back to the stone age". There is our declaration for war! We have the greatest power in the world. Our might is legendary. Our power is unmatched. Why should we hold back, even for a moment? Let us strike first and then analyze the consequence. This is how we believe in going about war. The United States will not travel to distant lands and leave empty handed. Instead, we want to destroy all the countries that have raged against us and questioned our authority. As Roy said in her article, "The trouble is that once America goes off to war, it can't very well return without having fought one. If it doesn't find its enemy it will have to manufacture one." Is the war we seek worth the consequences that it could produce? .
             Why find the Terrorist who wielded destruction on America? Are they all.
             not to blame? Every terrorist soul that is associated with the ring of terrorism is to blame. Every country contributing to the act of terrorism in the world, not only Afghanistan is to blame. They've all contributed to a form of destruction towards another country in one way or another. With that in mind, we must realize that we too can be seen as terrorists.

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