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            In my opinion India is not a good market for McDonald"s.
             diverse of a country in many areas such as language, Religion, and Political .
             Movements. India's government official recognizes 18 different languages, with .
             Hindi at the top, and English right below it, along with the 16 others, it would be .
             quite difficult for McDonald's to come by employee's that speak such a variety of .
             languages. Even if they could the menus and paraphernalia would also have to be .
             converted into all 18 languages, assuming that some words are similar in each .
             language the customer would more often than not, get a wrong order. India has a .
             population of 1 Billion people, with over 80% of these people being Hindu, whose .
             culture does not allow for the consumption of beef products, as the cow is a sacred .
             animal in India. So therefore it cannot be put on the menu, as to not disturb the .
             Hindu community, this is also the same for Muslim's and there hatred towards .
             pigs, and thinking them the dirtiest animal on the earth, so another main source of .
             meat is taken out. To make matters even worse 40% of the population are .
             vegetarians. The food McDonalds serves is also too "bland" for the people of .
             India who are accustomed to very spicy food. Language, religion and caste divide .
             India. Caste is a social ruling where marriages and friends are determined by, the .
             wealth and class of the family.
             McDonald's has responded to the advice given to transnational countries, .
             which is to "think globally and act locally". 60% of McDonalds sales comes from .
             overseas and in order to survive in a foreign market McDonalds has had to change .
             around some of the mannerisms and menu's to fit the religion and customs of a .
             certain country. It is also obvious that the McDonald corporation understands the .
             geocentric approach to international business, because they are currently opening a .
             new restaurant somewhere in the world every 5 minutes, so in the time it takes me .

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