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             90 60 90: these are the perfect numbers for the perfect body. Having a perfect waist, perfect C cup breasts, that's the ideal body for many young girls. These effects are a great factor for eating disorders in girls. A leading cause for this is the popular toy Barbie, and also all the models and actors which appear in magazines and movies. They have caused many eating disorders among young girls in the United States. The manufactures of Barbie for example should tell the young girls that Barbie would not be able to stand and exist in the real world and that many models and actresses in magazines and movies are anorexic or have some other eating disorder. .
             In the United States people watch more than twenty-one hours of TV each week, and also look at many magazines, and a lot of movies which come out every year. In the TV shows and movies all the characters are portrayed as good looking fit people who have everything they need in life, such as expensive clothes, and they always seem to look good even as they are waking up! According to the Health magazine Factoid, April 2002 42% of female TV network characters are underweight. But then the villains of the show or the stupid characters are portrayed by not so good looking characters that are overweight compared to the beautiful heroines of the show. So the TV shows are telling us that if the ugly and overweight one will be the bad person, and if one is beautiful then they are the good person. .
             Magazines also tell us that we should look like the models which they display in their ads. However if we really look between the lines of an ad we would get this out of it "You are not acceptable the way you are. The only way you can become acceptable is to buy our product and try to look like our model (who is six feet tall and wears size four jeans, and is probably anorexic) if you can't quite manage it, better keep buying our products. It's your only hope" (quote from eatingdisorders.

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