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Wall Street Movie Analysis

             Our values, beliefs, and culture influence how we behave ethically at home, dealing with friends, and in the business world. The movie "Wall Street" depicts tempting situations that result in crossing the line into an unethical world. Bud Fox (portrayed by Charlie Sheen) is a young stockbroker looking for a way to succeed and make it big. The movie begins with Bud telling a client that he had not suggested a particular stock purchased and that the client supposedly acted upon receipt of an insider tip. Bud's simple and ethical ways would drastically change with future occurrences.
             Several scenes within the movie show the transformation into the unethical person. We have listed them in order as they occur in the movie.
             1) Bud visits Gordon Gecko (rich multimillionaire trader and guru of the business world) and divulges a secret about Blue Star airlines that he had heard in general conversation with his father1. Initially it was an innocent transfer of information but it soon led to much bigger opportunities. .
             2) A dinner with the presentation of a $1,000,000 check with comments about getting many "perks"2 followed by Lisa showing up at the door unannounced and suggesting that "we are going out".3 .
             3) It continues with Gecko commenting about how he wants Bud to get him information and Bud following through by following Sir Larry Wildman (Gecko's adversary)4. .
             4) The scenes get better when Bud works on fellow school chum Roger Barnes and tries to enlist him into spectacular moneymaking schemes5. Upon leaving Barnes" office Bud notices a "cleaning lady" and the light bulb comes on as to how he will access more insider information6. Bud meets another person in restaurant and hands over a sealed envelope with some of this information7. Bud enters an office occupied by a woman he did not see when he first entered the room8.
             5) Transferring the power of attorney for Gecko's protection to cover situations that might implicate him was the ultimate in "shady"9.

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