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HP Vs Gateway

             Part (1) Description of the operations and history of company.
             Hewlett-Packard Company incorporated in 1947, is a global provider of products, technologies, solutions and services. The Company's offerings span in information technology (IT) infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, and global services and imaging and printing. In May 2002, the Company merged with Compaq Computer Corporation. As a result of the merger with Compaq, the two companies' previous businesses and product lines have been integrated and reorganized into four major groups. .
             The Enterprise Systems Group (ESG) provides key technology assets of enterprise IT infrastructure, including enterprise storage, servers, management software and solutions. HP products in ESG include UNIX servers, fault-tolerant servers, Windows-based IA-32 servers, Linux-based IA-32 servers, enterprise storage, management software and high-performance technical computing. HP Services (HPS) provides mission-critical infrastructure services, services for open IT environments and enterprise-ready Microsoft integration and support services. The Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) provides printing and imaging solutions for consumer and business markets, including printer hardware, all-in-ones, digital imaging devices such as cameras, and cameras and scanners, and associated supplies and accessories. Through its March 2002, acquisition of Indigo N.V., a developer manufacturer, marketer and distributor of proprietary digital offset color printing presses, IPG is expanding into the digital publishing market. The Personal Systems Group (PSG) is a provider of personal computing solutions, offering business and consumer notebooks and desktops, workstations, thin clients, handheld and Internet appliances. PSG also is responsible for HP's emerging technology businesses in areas such as embedded software, embedded computing, home networking solutions and personal storage.

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