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Amer-Revolution Racial or Not?

             He had two sons named Jim and John. These two sons never knew their father existed until they reached the age of 12. They were very happy to see their Father but did not know how to react. Now this young man was very nice and treated them like no other father figure had ever treated them, seeing as they really had no father figure up until this point. Then came the time when the young man had to work, to which he would leave for months at a time, come home, sleep and then get up the next night and repeat it again. Now Jim and John were two young men whom liked to do things just like all their other friends. But they also found themselves in trouble from time to time. So Jim and John had to be punished for their actions and also told that it was not right. Who else was there to follow that role other then the young man from a far? Thus he found himself doing this often. But this relationship lacked one thing, a relationship in and of itself. For Jim and John had no interaction with him other than the punishments he handed out. The relationship lacked love, care and guidance. Without these things, Jim and John had no desire to listen to this law giver. So they would lie and not do what they were told to do. Yet the young man did not understand why they did not listen, for he provided all of their necessities. So he punished more and Jim and John rebelled more.
             Though there is no ending to the story above, it helps to paint a picture of Colonial America and England before the Revolution. The young man represents England and its government and Jim and John represent the Colonies in the New World. For this situation what would have to happen for a radical revolution to occur? The American Heritage Dictionary defines a revolution as "the overthrow of one government and its replacement with another" (Amer. Heritage). In the example above there would have to be a change in power.

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