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            The city of Charlottetown continuously delayed the decision of a location to build a permanent skatepark for two or three years. The original skatepark, which was located at Peakes Quay, was torn down due to the city leaving the ramps outside during the winter causing the wood to rot. Another factor that added to the tearing down of the original skatepark was that the city had decided to renovate the building that the skatepark was located behind. By the time the city had bought new ramps over a year had passed.
             The new ramps were located inside of the Civic Center for about a month. The ramps were then put away for the rest of the winter and kept away for the summer. There were a number of locations where the ramps could have been put temporarily. Hillsborough Development or the parking lot located by Founder's Hall, were possible choices. This would have allowed a place to ride or skate for a little while without getting asked to leave the property.
             With no skatepark available to use the bikers, rollerbladers and skateboarders took to the streets to find new places to skate or ride. The popular spots to go were Confederation Center, Peakes Quay, the Shaw buildings and U.P.E.I. campus. Those spots were popular because of the ledges, stairs and other obstacles that people could be grind or jump. Soon after getting to these spots we were told to leave by security. Occasionally the police would show up and tell us that they were going to ticket us for disturbing the peace if we didn't leave the premises. We often received complements from people passing by while we were practicing our skills. Having nowhere to ride or skate we were stereotyped by people as being troublemakers.
             The city informed the bikers, rollerbladers and skateboarders that they were going to build a permanent skatepark. The location of the park hadn't been decided on but was expected to be built before the summer of 2002 had ended.

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