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My Very Insanely Stupid Story

            Super Billy was simply a drug addict. Mushrooms, pot, heroin, mescaline, you name it he was on it. It all started in 5th grade when he was given his first joint by his older brother. Now at the time he wasn't known as Super Billy, it was more Crack Addict Billy. Everything just went downhill. Next thing Billy knew, he was in rehab at the age of 14, after getting caught stealing money from his neighbors piggy bank. However while in rehab everything changed for Billy.
             The truth is, rehab didn't do anything for Billy, except for one thing, and that one thing is physical activity time. At the rehab in Venice, California they had two hours each day where you could go outside onto the courts and enjoy some physical activity. You could choose from hacky sacks to basketballs, and one of those items just happened to be a scooter. At first site Billy was in love with this new master-piece made up of crafted metal. Next thing everyone realized was that Billy was super freaking amazing on the scooter, busting mad airs and sick end-o's. This is where Billy's life became super.
             With Billy having his new, and very apparent addiction, the counselors at the re-hab center declared Billy good to go. Shortly after leaving, Billy realizes he has absolutely nothing to do at all. All he wanted to do was scooter around, but he had no scooter. Looking around for a scooter, he decided to head on over to the skatepark on Venice Beach to realize that a scooter company was holding a local competition there! Insane is what he thought, so he chugged his chubby little self on over to watch the competitors warm up. .
             "Boy these people suck," says Billy under his breath standing along the fence. "Even I could beat these guys.".
             Little does Billy know, but Jimmy McNewton, the creator of the scooter, was standing right next to him! He was taken back by this remark, so he challenged Billy to compete.
             "Sure whatever, just hook me up with a sick scooter," is all Billy says.

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