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            The Blockade of Decadence on Reality.
             The ideal concept of decadence is without a doubt affiliated with consumerism. Our inner wants and needs are portrayed through American commercialism. The aspect of fulfilling our hunger for anything in life is the epitome of decadence. However, different cultures have different desires, and the segregation of first, second and third world countries is displayed obviously.
             America's culture holds a very different view on reality compared to other countries. Once we have met our natural needs our desires for material possessions take over, and the ignorance of human nature is exploited at its fullest. Lately, it seems that our economy is the number one focus on life. Whatever has the potential to sell and make money is a Godsend. Our primitive instincts to survive and live with what we need have diminished almost completely.
             In a third world country decadence still exists, but it practically needs to in most cases. A family wants food and shelter, and by definition this is decadence. However, in reality this family needs these two essentials and they do not really care for anything else. In America our decadence is seen mainly through what kind of image one may comprise. The latest technology, clothing, drug or any other type of addiction or want is what America looks for. Some may say that is why our country is so great, because of our over surplus of almost everything. On the other end of the spectrum we have lost our passion and emotion for humanity through the power of self-indulgence.
             Family life has also been commercialized not just in America but in many other countries across the globe. Both parents in the household work and the children have not role models or examples to follow. In result the children find guidance through television and material possessions. Instead of real interaction and direction from the parents our children learn to live through what society says is right.

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