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Do events make the individual?

            Do events make the individual, or do the individuals make the events? Individuals make the events. In order for events to come about, people first have to do something to make them come about. There are many examples in which individuals have made the events in our world. Some examples of individuals who have made events are Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, and Miguel Hidalgo.
             Abraham Lincoln is and example of someone who made the events rather the events making him. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. He opposed slavery's extension into new territories but wanted to allow it to remain in the South. With all this controversy over slavery, his election was soon followed by secession of the Confederate states and the start of the American Civil War. This is why Abraham Lincoln is a good example of an individual who made events.
             Another example of an individual who made events is Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was a power hungry dictator of Nazi Germany. He the Jews for the loss of World War I. Therefore, one event that Hitler made was the Holocaust because of his power. Another event caused by Adolf Hitler was World War II., which he hoped would lead to his control of most of the Eurasian heartland. Adolf Hitler is an example of an individual who made events.
             The last example of an individual who has made events is a Catholic priest named Miguel Hidalgo. He cared deeply for the poverty-stricken Native Americans and mestizos in his parish of Dolores. He led the fight against the Spanish government in Mexico. He gave a speech that called on Mexicans to fight for independence and liberty. He led them on a freedom march that resulted in an armed movement, and was captured and executed. He helped to gain Mexico's independence. This is why Miguel Hidalgo is a great example of individuals who made events.
             To conclude, individuals make the events rather than the events making the individuals.

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