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Alcohol/Drug addiction

            Did Fame Destroy Robbie? Addiction essay.
             Robbie Williams was born Robert Peter Maximilian Williams in Stoke-on-Trent. .
             At the age of three, his parents divorced and resided with his mother and sister. .
             He went to high school and was famous for being naughty, so it wasn't surprising when he didn't pass any of his G.C.S.E's. With very little options open to him, he got a job as a salesman; his mother noticed an article in the newspaper for an audition for a boy band and considering Robbie's talented voice and acting abilities, she decided to sign him up for the audition. He joined Take That, a boy band in Britain, in 1990.
             During the 90's Take That was the most successful boy band in Britain, Robbie Williams was touring with Take That in the afternoons, playing in under-eighteen discos early evenings, then doing club gigs every night. It was hard work, but it eventually paid off - the band went massive. One day in July 1995, Robbie Williams was driving a black Jaguar to attend the Glastonbury Music Festival and was spotted drinking and smoking. It was fairly normal for a young British man. But in a few days, he was dismissed from his band for destroying the "clean" reputation of Take That.
             As an-ex member of the most popular boy band in Britain, he spoke on a show that he had always felt that being in a band has prevented him from being his own person in the band and his lack of freedom for being in the group. However, he overdosed the freedom that he had. Robbie once said, "Fame increases your weaknesses" and instead of trying to turn his experience into something positive, he self destructed and dived into the world of drugs and alcohol abuse. "When I feel bad I start destroying myself that is why I took drugs," he explained.
             Drink and drugs weren't the only problem that Robbie had. He revealed that he felt confused inside for starting to be addicted and as if he had lost the real Robbie and a completely different person had taken his place.

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