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Medical Malpractice

            Recently, a number of malpractice suits have been filed against physicians over a short period of time. Laws are now being put into consideration to abolish this problem. Due to the repeated negligence of numerous physicians, limits are now being placed on the award amount that patients, and/or their grieving families, can obtain.
             In July of 2002, President George W. Bush made a proposal to limit the amount of malpractice awards to $250,000 per patient. According to an article on Yahoo News written by Joanne Kenen, Bush stated that "excessive jury awards will continue to drive up insurance costs, putting good doctors out of business or running them out of your community. That's a fact" (Kenen 1). Even though you believe that there should be a cap put on all malpractice suits, what about the bad doctors? Of course accidents happen, but not all procedures that are performed are even necessary. Maybe you could consider putting a cap on the suing of just some physicians. Public Citizen Counsel Jackson Williams said, "If you stop those doctors, you will have eliminated half of all the malpractice payoffs in the state-which presumably would reduce insurance rates"(Kenen 1). I personally believe that we should be worried about the continuous killings of innocent people by negligent doctors rather than how much money a highly paid physician is being sued for.
             Of course I know that you are probably thinking, "accidents happen," but some doctors are doing way more than just accidentally harming patients. Negligent acts are accidents, but how many lives can a doctor harm before he needs to be punished? President Bill Clinton issued an order permanently banning handwritten prescriptions in all federally-funded hospitals. You are probably thinking that a doctor cannot fix the sloppiness of his handwriting right? Doctors can only fix this problem by not writing, but typing prescriptions.

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