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A Tale of Two Cities

             In the novel A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, Lucie Manette gave meaning to Dr. She also opened Sydney Carton's heart. This novel is about a redemptive power of love embodied in the figure of Lucie Manette.
             When Mr. Jarvis Lorry told Lucie Manette that her father that she thought was long dead was alive she eagerly went to Paris to meet her father. Dr. Manette was imprisoned not only physically but also emotionally. The thought of him still behind bars in Bastille still haunts him. When Lucie Manette went to see her father what she saw is an ugly portrait of a man making shoes.
             He had a white beard, raggedly cut, but not very long, a hallow face, and exceedingly bright eyes. His yellow rags of shirt lay open at the throat, and showed his body to be withered and worn. (P.47).
             When the father and daughter were reunited Lucie helped Dr. Manette to go back to what he was before when he was put into prison. He then started living the way he was before. The Doctor was in his best condition, and looked especially young.
             The resemblance between him and Lucie was very strong at that time, and as they say side by side.it was very agreeable to trace the likeness. (P.106).
             Lucie Manette's presence and love was an enormous factor to Dr. Manette's improvement. Lucie showed her father affection that only a daughter could give to her father. Dr. Manette found love in Lucie.
             Last but not least is Sydney Carton, who plays one of the essential characters of the novel. He first portrayed as an insolent and alcoholic attorney, who didn't seem to care much about his own life nor anyone else. During the first trial of Charles Darnay, they were both considered as twins, having the same physical features. That was the time he first laid his eyes on Lucie Manette. He then started developing feeling for her that even he hasn't felt ever before.

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