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Mental illness

            Depression is the number one illness that Americans suffer from. It is a mood disorder that has psychological and biological causes and can be life threatening. This disorder that affects your thoughts, moods, feelings, behavior and physical health. Depression is characterized as being in a bad mood for at least two consecutive weeks. Individuals who are in a depression show little interest in anything or enjoy things that they did before. About 17% of adults in the United States have suffered with at least one episode of major depression which can make life feel hopeless and worthless. It is so common that over 1 in 5 Americans can expect to get some form of depression in their lifetime. Over 1 in 20 Americans have a depressive disorder every year. Women are almost twice as likely as men to experience a depressive episode throughout their lives. Those who seem to be most likely to experience depression are married women, women in poverty, adolescents, and unmarried men.
             Depression symptoms can be as simple to identify as feeling sad or depression symptoms can be as complicated a constant physical pain. Depression symptoms fall into several categories involving the mind and body. Emotional depression symptoms are easier to identify because the involve feelings, thoughts and behaviors that are obvious to all. These emotional depression symptoms include behavioral extremes, emotional reactions and lack of social skills. Physical depression symptoms can be masked in chronic problems with headaches, or stomach aches. Indigestion can also be physical depression symptoms as can sleeping too much or too little and weight loss or gain. Depression symptoms like constant complaining, whining and feeling guilty tend to reinforce themselves. Depression is a progressive illness that will not get better unless interrupted. One does not just snap out of social isolation and suddenly develop interest in other people and activities.

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