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Mohandas Gandhi

            Many people feel that they can change the world and better it for future generations. They try all sorts of ways to change life, and many don't accomplish their goals. One person who did accomplish his goals was Mohandas Gandhi. .
             The major motion picture "Gandhi" was a true-life story of maybe one of the greatest people that have ever walked this earth. He stood up for the people by addressing the British government of the unfair justice that the people were living under. He had a dream of an independent India, and every moment along his journey; he had come one step closer to realizing his dream. He promoted non-violent civil disobedience (he disobeyed the law but nonviolently) campaigns and organized a strike among Indian miners. He was arrested many times by the British, but his efforts brought important reforms. At first when he attempted to obtain India's freedom the task seemed impossible, due to the fact that Britain had such a firm grip on India, no one could loosen it. But at the end Britain is forced out.
             "An eye for an eye makes everybody blind" summarizes Gandhi's view of violence. Gandhi did not believe in violence as a technique of achieving freedom. "We will not strike a blow, but we will receive them" was his view on how the Indians will win back their land. He felt that even if the British breaks his bones, he will never give up. He was determined to win and get his way. Some incidents that occurred non-violently were the Salt march, in which Gandhi and hundreds of followers walked a 240-mile march to the sea, where they made salt from seawater. This was a protest against the Salt Acts, which made it a crime to possess salt not bought from the government. Gandhi also led a protest by the burning of clothes so that the British wouldn't make money. So hundreds of Indian threw their clothes into a fire and watched it all burn. It also showed the British that they didn't need them to make their clothes, they are independent.

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