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To spend or not to spend

             In my life, I have formed close relationships involving three different outlooks on money. The first of the three is with a friend that rarely spends money. Second, there is my girlfriend that is very precautious when it comes to spending money. Finally, is my mother that spends money freely whether she can afford it or not. There are three major attitudes that people have towards money: being tightfisted, reasonable, or extravagant.
             Some people believe that the best way to manage their money is by spending on necessities and avoiding non-necessities. People that manage their money this way do not seem to enjoy all the luxuries of life. Saving every penny and putting all extra money into a bank account is just one of the habits tightfisted people have. My friend Robert is extremely cautious with his spending habits. He will never spend unnecessary money unless it is very important. When money is spent on an item, it is utilized until it cannot be used any more. Although saving is wise, one's attitude toward money can be both cautious and sensible without neglecting all that life has to offer.
             A quantity of people believes that spending money rationally is the way of living. These people are reasonable and enjoy life while still being responsible. My girlfriend Brooke is very sensible when it comes to spending money. As a reasonable person Brooke makes sure that all responsibilities are taken care of. She is willing to spend money as long as it does not interfere with money that is saved. All extra savings are utilized by only being used for emergencies. Being reasonable is one way of living but some believe that being extravagant is the best way to live.
             Extravagant people consider that spending money excessively can fulfill your life. These overgenerous people save very little. They are willing to spend money insensibly without care. My mother is very inconsiderate of her responsibilities in life and will spend money without prejudice.

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