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            Who is it that get together in mobs and hunt down, torture and kill people who are different from themselves? Who is it that teaches modesty, courtesy, and generosity but live in a world of rudeness, materialism and greed? Who is it that can come up with the time, energy and money to murder millions and destroy cities, for the sake of a flag, belief or economic system? Not the weirdos, not the kooks or cranks or nuts or "unique individuals". It is the "normal", power wielding people of today's society who do those things. .
             It is the so-called "normal" people who believe that there is only one "real world" and it is the one they are living in, right now. It is the "normal" people who kill each other over differences in this reality which they themselves have not even had a part in directly constructing. If one person, one individual cannot trick themselves into ignoring the thousands of contradictions, cannot disregard the gaping flaws in that normal world, or are not capable of pretending that they believe in that so called normalcy, their sanity is questioned. Questioned because the "normal" people do not want to see themselves as wrong. Therefore they (the normal) establish labels and differences, normal versus abnormal, with normal as what the majority of the population see themselves as. The normal is not defined first, with the abnormal established in contrast, but the other way around. When this abnormalacy is established, it is always the normal person who holds the power over the abnormal.
             It is the "normal" way of thinking to label things and file them away so they don't have to be thought about any more. If "idea a" is labelled as "abnormal" it can be discarded. All ensuing ideas bearing any resemblance to "idea a" can also be classified and discarded, saving valuable time and energy for watching TV or thinking about movie stars. If something new or different comes along, the "normal" way is to classify it as quickly as possible according to the guidelines set down by dependable authorities so it may be conveniently and safely filed away.

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