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Respone to the Grotesque

             I find that as this course comes to a conclusion, I have realized that the true reason for us liking the grotesque is mainly because it is heavily deviant from what we think as normal but is still possible in the real world. I must that the autobiography by Harry Crews was quite disturbing. The way he described getting burned made me feel like my skin was sliding right off and I had just fallen into a pot filled with fat. It was definitely one of the most gruesome things I have ever heard in my life. I have figured out that we all have a hidden drive to experience what life has to offer in both good and bad ways. I believe the grotesque is a way for us to experience things that we may never experience or even think about doing. Since the world gets more and more civilized everyday, people try to find a way to express and experience the more barbaric and psychopathic behaviors and feelings. I think Freaks is an example of experiencing all of the things that we fear with a little bit of comedy added to make the movie bearable to watch. The movie definitely gave me the nervous laugh in quite a few places especially with the limbless guy. How can someone define what the proper way to react to something like that. I don't think it's possible because the body uses the nervous laughter as a defense mechanism to nullify what is going on. I really liked the movie even though it was creepy as hell to see that many real life freaks in one movie, but I guess it fits the title very well. The movie allows people to view a lot of deformities that we usually don't come in contact with. I think the fear factor that we get from watching the movie and real life freaks is that since they don't look normal we think that they might be demented. I really liked that lady that was trying to kill the midget and take his money turned into a freak herself at the end both spiritually and physically.

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