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             There was the colonial period, revolutionary and constitutional period, and the romanticism period. The romanticism period is a period that lasted from 1815 to 1860. This is the period where writers finally had time and actually wanted to write. Writers had time because revolutionary wars were now over, there is social stability, and there is a stable government. Romantics placed a higher emphasis on emotion than rationality; it prefers individual over society; it attacks and questions rules; it prefers nature over city; it sees human nature as superior to civilized humans; it sees children as essentially innocent, until corrupted by their surroundings. The tenets of romanticism are; individualism, exotic, evil, imagination, nature, and common man. Some stories that were written during the romantic period were "Young Goodman Brown", "The Black Cat", "Dr. Heideggers Experiment", and "Rip Van Winkle". Examples of the tenets evil, imagination, and exotic are of ten used in "The Black Cat", "Dr. Heidegger"s Experiment", and "Young Goodman Brown". .
             "Evil" is often used in "The Black Cat", and in "Young Goodman Brown". The tenet of evil is the belief that evil is an important part of the world, and that it should be described and understood. Within evil there is grotesque, which is the fascination with extreme evil, which is often expressed in particularly gruesome or horrifying manner. I believe "The Black cat" is a great example of evil and grotesque because it deals with the narrator killing, like when he killed his wife or his cats, such as Pluto. Poe uses evil when he names his cat "Pluto", because Hades had a cat named Pluto. This represents evilness towards his cat because Poe is not using this name in a good sense but instead in a bad sense. Grotesque is also used. To deliberately "cut the cats eye out of its socket" is bizarre and unusual regardless he was intoxicated or not. Even further to hang a cat by its noose is evil and grotesque at its best.

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