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Dream Interpretation

             Dream Interpretation: Valid or Not?.
             Like every other morning during the week I drag myself out of bed and hop into the shower. With my eyes barely open I manage to get ready and head out the door to class, in a rush as always. I get to the crowded parking lot and search for a spot remotely close so that I do not have to walk as far. Finally after finding one I half jog to my class, not really paying attention to the weird looks that I am getting from people. Once inside the classroom I suddenly realize that everyone is completely silent and staring at me. I keep wondering what I could have done to shock all these people. I happen to glance down at myself and I am stunned into silence. I have absolutely no clothes on! Alright so not everyone has had this exact dream but most people have had one similar to it. Everyone dreams, but the big question is do they have any meaning? Short and simple, no they do not. Dreams are produced by the mind for certain reasons; however, they contain no hidden messages to decode.
             People choose to define dreaming in a variety of different ways. I choose to look at it as a number of images, emotions, sensations, and thoughts that travel through someone's subconscious when they are sleeping. There are mainly two things involved in dreaming process. The first one being visual and auditory imagery, and the second being a story-like quality that may or may not make any sense. Dreaming occurs during the REM cycle of sleep, that is the Rapid Eye Movement cycle. Throughout the period of sleep a person experiences different levels of sleep, and dreaming only occurs during the first stage and during REM. If someone is awakened from that stage of sleep abruptly, he may feel as if he was not sleeping and any dream he was having might seem like something he was just thinking about. .
             Dreaming is not something important in the way of messages but is not all together with out a purpose.

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