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Romeo and Juliet

            Should Romeo and Juliet be studied by freshman?.
             Approximately 148,920 days, or 408 years ago, the incredible poet William Shakespeare wrote the infamous play that is now the greatest love story ever told-Romeo and Juliet. Now, in its fourth century of existence the tragedy is being read and studied by high school freshman. This tale of the two star-crossed lovers should continue to be taught for years to come, for the mere quality of Shakespeare's writing will astound one who reads it.
             Shakespeare himself is the most recognizable poet of all time because of his inconceivable writing ability, and he is most certainly an important part of history. Freshman should, without question, be reading the most unbelievable writing to this day. Whatever Shakespeare touched instantly became a masterpiece that would live on for generations. His quality of work is the standard for all, and Romeo and Juliet should give an excellent example to freshman of writing at its best.
             The brilliance found in Shakespeare's words can actually aid a young person in need of help. The majority of one's teenage years is the decision of what path one will follow after the end of high school. What better way to help an aspiring poet or play write than to study Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare's beautifully written play will hopefully inspire any adolescent interested in any type of writing. Shakespeare's work can spark ideas in people and improve their young minds but can also be a major issue for many other things. .
             When one looks around there is evidence of Romeo and Juliet scattered throughout the world. The tragedy has inspired the actual motion picture as well as the award winning West Side Story. The play is the basis of numerous love stories, novels, and films where the classic plot of the story is very noticeable. Seeing that proof of Romeo and Juliet is abundant everywhere a teen will go, high school freshman should undoubtedly read and study a popular topic that is shared around the world.

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