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Corporal Punishment speech

            General Purpose: To discuss, and define corporal punishment. Is corporal punishment an effective way of discipline? Or does it simply teach children to be violent, and to harbor feelings of resentment.
             Specific purpose: To inform the audience about corporal punishment, the effects and affects of C.P.(corporal punishment) discuss anti-spanking groups and organizations as well as pro spanking groups and organizations. Also to inform the audience about the many other forms of discipline rather than corporal punishment.
             Opening Statement: Is spanking our children okay? Children of any age, toddlers and adolescents. This has been debated for years. And it seems as though no one can come up with the answer to this crucial question. Are we destroying our children? Hugging them with one hand, and slapping them with the other. .
             What is corporal punishment? The technical definition according to Murray A. Straus, author of "Beating the Devil Out of Them, Corporal Punishment In America." Corporal punishment is "the use of physical force with the intention of causing a child physical pain, but not injury, for the correction or control of a child's behavior.".
             Anti-spanking groups believe spanking/corporal punishment, destroys self esteem, transmits a pro violence attitude, and children who are hit often grow up with feelings of resentment (www.stophitting .com).
             Pro spanking groups believe that spanking/corporal punishment is okay, when used for a clear and deliberate misbehavior, and works best when coupled with other forms of discipline such as, "time out". (www.rmc.org) .
             There are many people who base their belief in spanking/corporal punishment on their religion. A Christian based web site stated, "those who fail to properly discipline their children are cowardly and lazy" (www.abcog.org.com) .
             Forms of (C.P.) are: spanking, slapping, grabbing or shoving a child roughly. Another form of (C.P.) is using objects such as: hairbrushes, belts, or paddles.

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