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negative effects of marijuana

             I am writing this paper do to the harmful affects that a certain plant can do. I am talking about Marijuana; also know as weed, pot, herb, green and so on. The harmful affects that this plant can do is not just to your body, but you, your family and friends. .
             Marijuana is called a gateway drug, this means that it can lead to other things, but does not always mean it will. Some of the harmful affects of this marijuana can lead u to probation or even a jail cell. This Plant is illegal in the United States of America and in other countries as well. Some of the ways that u can tell that someone is high on Marijuana is that they will smell like it, have red eyes, or they will have their eye squinted. Another way is that the person would act slow or stupid. This is because Marijuana affects the brain causing chemical changes, which may cause difficulty in concentration, attention to detail and learning new, complex information. Also impairs time perception as well as certain parts of the memory- at least in short term. This drug does not only affect the brain but body as well, increases the work of the heart. The changes in the heart rate and blood pressure are those found in a person under high stress. Marijuana also affects the lungs, which may cause cancer and other diseases as well; Sexual performance is also affected by the number and quality of sperm and damages their mobility, possibly affecting fertility. Blood flow to limbs is also decreased and in extreme cases may require amputation.
             Marijuana has affected my life in a couple of ways, one it has got me kicked out of school and reassigned which means that I would not go to the same school as my friends. Another way it has affected my life is getting me involved with the junvial justice system and could follow me the rest of my life. The way it affected me the most would have to be that my family knows that I had possession of Marijuana and that means that they have lost trust in me.

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