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Legalizaton of Marijuana

            The legalization of marijuana is not likely to happen any time soon but some .
             people are really trying to push for it. In most cases if you have a serious medical .
             problem and marijuana is an alternative to dangerous treatment, you can normally get a .
             prescription to pot. California has decriminalized the drug and uses it medicinally for .
             cancer, aids, and glaucoma patents. Some states have gone as far as to de-criminalize the .
             drug, but it will still be a while before the federal government goes that far. I am unable .
             to take a stand on the issue of legalization of marijuana. .
             There is controversy over the legalization of marijuana in the continental United .
             States that draws attention to the drug itself. It is a plant that grows naturally and can be .
             used medicinally for nausea and glaucoma patients but the government can not tax it so it .
             is illegal. There have been a large number of marijuana-law-reform advocates preaching .
             for decades that pot is relatively harmless and has no negative impact on public safety. .
             Studies done by the Canadian Senate's Special Committee on Illegal Drugs show .
             marijuana is not a gateway to the use of hard drugs. "Data from population surveys shows .
             that out of 100 cannabis users in adolescents, about 10 will become regular users and five .
             will move to using other drugs". (p.3). The studies also show that marijuana does not lead .
             to crime, "Cannabis use does not lead increase or lead to aggressive or antisocial .
             behavior [or] induce users to commit other forms of crime" (p.6). The Canadian Drugs .
             committee also goes on to discuss the health risks involved with smoking marijuana and .
             they stated that " cannabis may have some negative effects on the health of individuals, .
             but considering the patterns of use, these effects are relatively benign". .
             There have always been anti-drug commercials, some more effective than others. .
             The commercials have many different approaches, some stressing the negative effects on .

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