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John Proctor

             John Proctor-Praiseworthy or Pedophile?.
             I think John Proctor can be considered an admirable man. In life, everybody makes mistakes and in the end it is what you learn from these mistakes that makes you who you are.Whether you repeat them or mature from them is up to you, and this is why I think John Proctor seems to be an admirable man. He made a mistake but he admitted he was wrong, took responsibility for his actions, and tried his hardest to make up for what he did. Being admirabledoes not mean being perfect, it just means that you have to try to live up to your own moralstandards and what you expect of yourself. This is what John Proctor is trying to do.
             We read in The Crucible that John Proctor, a man in his mid-thirties, had sexual relationswith Abigail, a seventeen year old girl. It is indisputable that this was not a virtuous act in itself,despite the fact that John Proctor was married to his wife, Elizabeth Proctor. At this point it maybe questionable as to how I could possibly think of him as admirable with this information athand, but I do. I do because of the simple fact that he realized that what he did was wrong. Headmitted it to Elizabeth and most importantly to himself. He knows that these acts were not, inthe least bit, acceptable and this is the first step that needs to be taken so that he may not repeat it. .
             John Proctor also took responsibility for his actions by telling Abigail that whatever was going on between them was over. Although Abigail did not do well in accepting this, the point is thathe did his part in ending it. Lastly, John promised Elizabeth that it would never happen again. Although it is hard to know what Abigail thinks of his promises, I think that he really does loveher and regrets what he did. I think for this John Proctor is admirable.
             The bottom line here is that nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Whatmakes the difference between admirability and disgracefulness is whether or not you takeresponsibility for your actions.

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