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The Victory of L.A. Lakers

            The domination of the National Basketball Association took place when the Los Angeles Lakers won its third consecutive championship title in the year 2002 (NBA.com). It has been a tremendous era for the L.A Lakers to overcome the doubts and pressures from the critics. The team has truly shown its best potential on the court when they leveled the New Jersey Nets with a 4-0 shot out (NBA.com). Starting players of the Lakers consists of Shaquille O"Neal, Derek Fisher, Rick Fox, Robert Horry, and Kobe Bryant (NBA.com). Each of these players intertwined with each other to execute the shot and perform their best. I think these five players are a great team ever to face the challenges of reaching the top. Out of the five, Shaquille O"Neal and Kobe Bryant were the key superstar duos during the finals. They pass and shoot the ball so gracefully; it's like watching Beethoven playing his piano with no hearing aid. With the help of a new coach Phil Jackson, who raised Chicago Bulls to win six championship titles in eight years (Sportsline.com), the L.A Lakers were unstoppable. Led by the brute force of Shaquille O"Neal and Kobe Bryant and the brilliance of Phil Jackson the Lakers joined the NBA pantheon of greatness, winning their third straight title with a 113-107 victory over the New Jersey Nets to complete a Finals sweep (NBA.com).
             L.A Lakers have faced over many obstacles during the regular season throughout the playoffs. Other NBA players respect the Lakers and Scottie Pippen from the Portland Trail Blazers says, "It's impossible not to think about the Lakers." The team was scheduled to meet the Los Angeles in the first round of the playoffs. "They're the defending champs with Shaq and Kobe," said Pippen. With this being said from a player who knows what its like to be a champion, with six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls it was a tough game for the Blazers to face up to its reality. Lakers" domination of the league sometimes allows other teams to fear the challenge.

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