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Best answer to goverment

             A question extensively debated that may seem to be a question without an end; since we can never really know if we have in fact instated the proper formulation of this concept of synchronized, cooperative, and rule abiding society by a means of a structured ruling body. Plato has his theory of a sort of tyranny of the intellectuals, Mills has his theory of happiness and preservation of nature, that should rise above profiteering and complete exhaustion of resource, by the means of highly developed progressive society that is in turn a direct result of a government having promoted these intention (malicious or not).
             A just dictatorship may sound ludicrous simply by its mere definition, yet Plato went as far as promoting it as a model for a perfectly harmonized society. His idea that philosophy was the path to a sort of "nirvana", where the best of things are always looking to be perfected, may seem ridiculous. Yet Plato had a plan he knew where he wanted to go with his concepts; he deemed ruling over a society as an important and prestigious task, and should only be undertaken by qualified individuals. His basic argument is that of a professional not being qualified; could a man with no medical background serve as a doctor of medicine? Obviously inferring that preparation, and education of our leaders was essential to a proper informed leadership, how else could they know how to perform their taks?.
             Moving away from the blissfulness of Plato's ideas of intellectual supremacy, we meet JS Mill's theory of government and we come to realize that there aren't many implications in his theory that may have been shared with Plato. A point that is shared is the idea that the majority could exert its powers over the ruling body and influence its decision making, and on this one point the two philosophers are very insistent on fearing the idea of coercion. Mill though was all about the general good of the people, he looked for participation in government from the general population, never directly in the ruling body given his fear of ones" selfish benefits arising.

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