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             Since the beginning of time manipulation has been part of the human psyche. In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, Iago is a perfect example of this character trait. He uses his power of deception to play with the emotions of other characters, who in turn all fall victim to Iago's deceiving hidden intentions.
             Roderigo is one of the many characters who are duped into believing Iago is actually trying to help him. Roderigo is in love with Desdemona a beautiful woman who had just eloped with Othello. Roderigo comes to Iago threatening to kill himself because Desdemona does not return his love. (Iago had heard rumors that Othello had slept with his wife. Decided he would act on them even if he was not certain anything happened.) Iago decides this is the perfect opportunity to begin his revenge on Othello. He convinces Roderigo to stop this talk by saying, "It cannot be that Desdemona should long continue her love to the Moor--put money in thy purse--nor he his to her . . . " (I, 3, 338-340). Iago is convincing Roderigo that the love between Othello and Desdemona can not last much longer so he should just wait and everything will work out. "Honest" Iago, who only wished to further his plan of revenge on Othello, lied to Roderigo who had come to his "friend" for help. Roderigo had left after their conversation believing his good friend was helping him. Iago made Roderigo believe he should continue his advances for Desdemona not to help his friend but to cause Othello pain.
             Iago says what is needed to be said so that he appears trustworthy and loyal. Iago convinces Cassio to drink even though Cassio has admitted to being a bad drunk. With the help of Roderigo Iago does manage to get Cassio drunk and sets him up to get into a fight. The fight wakes Othello and when he gets to them Cassio had stabbed Montano. Iago's honest reputation is what persuaded Othello asks him to inform him as to what had happened.

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