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Heart of Darkness

             For every man there suppose to be one woman. However, for Kurtz it seemed to be for every man there are two women. One was his black mistress living in Africa. The other one was his intended to marry back home in England. Kurtz must have been special in some way to influence the feelings of the two very different, but somewhat similar women. Their love for Kurtz was undying and everlasting. .
             Kurtz was living among a group of savages. Among the tribe was a woman that was said to have been Kurtz's mistress. Back home he had a woman who he was supposed to marry. Kurtz's black mistress and intended were two very different people, from different places, who shared the same devotion towards Kurtz even though there were many obstacles in the way of their love. .
             Kurtz'" intended was from the city and was well off with money. Kurtz's black mistress was in a tribe of savages in Africa. She to was well off in her possessions. You could tell she was well off or important in the things she wore and the way that Marlow, the narrator of the book, described the way she carried herself and the way the other members of the tribe watched what ever she did. In the city the intended's family labeled Kurtz as being not good enough. Marlow says that it was because, Kurtz was not rich enough. This is ironic because his black mistress" tribe or family treats him like a god. .
             Both women felt the same undying devotion to Kurtz. When Kurtz was being taken away by Marlow on his ship, the tribe came running and hollering trying to get him back. The woman even entered the water with her arms stretched towards the boat. Marlow blew the whistle to scare away the tribe. This worked and even made the ones closest to the shore fall down flat on their face as if they were dead. The whistle did nothing to the woman and she remained in the water with her arms out. The whistle did not scare the woman like it did the rest of the tribe because she was devoted to Kurtz and wanted to be with him.

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