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Dick Smith

            Richard Harold Smith or Dick Smith is a passionate man; He is passionate about many things: he is a businessman, an adventurer, a philanthropist and a conservationist. He has made millions of dollars but he is not really interested in the money itself. He was born in Sydney in 1944 and named Australian of the year in 1986.
             Personal qualities.
             Dick Smith admits that he was never any good in school and hardly listens at his classes, his action reflects his results . Surprisingly Dick managed to get his Leaving Certificate. How and Why Dick Smith become so successful?.
             • Acceptance.
             Dick has been able to make his strength work for him and to sideline his weaknesses through a realistic self-acceptance of what he can and cannot do.
             • Conservative risk taking.
             One of the most important qualities of an entrepreneur is risk-taking. Dick Smith can qualify as a great risk in business and in his adventure. He liked to push him self on the edge where either he succeed or fail.
             • Hard work.
             Dick Smith love to work hard and insist his staff to work hard as well. The best example of his hard-working is Australian Geographic magazine where he wants first-class journal quality where it was sold out more than 110,000 copies in the first issue.
             • Desire for success.
             All entrepreneurs have something to motivate them to continue and improve. Dick Smith's success and confidence gained over the years took him as a person who wants to success in whatever he does. This helps him to build Dick Smith Electronic, Australian Geographic and Dick Smith Foods.
             • Joy from giving.
             Dick Smith is a philanthropist . He gives millions of dollars away to charity either from his income or the business" profit and gained satisfaction from helping other people in need. He was appointed as Ambassador for the Council for the Aboriginal Reconciliation 1998 and Chairman of the National Centenary of Federation Council 1996-2000.

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