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Terrorism (Got An 80 on This Paper)

             USA, a country blessed with beautiful landmarks, a solid and strong economy, and it has become a melting pot for cultures to unite and live peaceful. The land where many immigrants die trying to "make the American Dream" a reality for them, and to make this country great. This happens while other legal immigrants die too, but they die for the wrong reasons.
             Terrorism is a problem that this country has faced over the last few years. Not all the people in the world see this country as the land of dreams and opportunities, but see it as this awful place where they can have its holy war.
             The last incident of this nature that I recall would be the September 11 attack that culminated in the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City. There has been a numerous number of attacks on the US, but this one was the most inhumane and devastating that I have ever seen. I remember exactly when it happened. I was coming out of my American Heritage I class just as any other normal day and went to the student union to play pool with my friends. To my surprise, no one was playing pool everybody was watching Television. I first glanced at the monitor and saw a building crumbling down, it was the first tower that collapsed. It was the most horrifying thing that I have seen, and I am never going to forget that image of the building coming down. Why would someone do something like that? To be honest, I don't know.
             After this incident things changed a lot, for the better of worst , but they have changed. There has been an increase in security in the border, several wars have been fought, and people from the middle east are looked differently now.
             Unfortunately this country is not the only one with this tremendous problem.
             Ever since I was little I have seen on Mexican television (Televisa and TV Azteca) news about this terrorist group who calls itself "Grupo Vasco ETA." I know very little about them, but I know that they are a group that's from the northern part of Spain that put bombs in cars, restaurants and then blow them up.

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