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President Bush: All-American

             Audience: Readers of the paper who are voting for the "04 Presidential Election.
             Course Title: American Government and Politics.
             Instructor: David G. Lewis.
             President Bush: All-American Man.
             The upcoming election will have an enormous impact on our society and the way our government operates. The election, held next fall, will have current President George W. Bush as the main republican candidate. In order for President Bush to win another term as President I feel that there are a few topics that he needs to address. As President you are faced with many decisions and the consequences for those decisions. I feel that at this point in time there are many advantages and disadvantages for President Bush. The current advantages for Bush are; our safety from terrorism, his health care plan, and his education plan. These platform topics give Bush a strong advantage over his competition. Bush does have some disadvantages at this time. I would say the two major disadvantages at this time are the war in Iraq and the state of our economy.
             Currently President Bush has great plans for education and healthcare. The President plan for education, called the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, was signed into legislature on January 8, 2002. This bipartisan plan to reform schools is definitely one of the President's strongest allies. This plan calls for more local and parental control of schools, an emphasis on teaching methods and work, more accountability to educational results, and most importantly the funding to achieve these goals. The President's plan for health care will also provide a great ally for democrats to recon with. President Bush's health care plan is designed to make sure that all Americans receive high quality affordable health care coverage and to develop new treatments for healthier Americans. The President has also backed up this plan with 300 billion dollars of proposed spending.

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