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President Bush

             Bush is the 43 President of the United States of America. He was born in New Haven, Connecticut on July 6, 1946, and then moved and grew up in Midland and Houston Texas. He is the son of former President Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush. His Family also includes his brothers" Jeb, Neil, and Marvin and his only living sister Dorothy. In 1953 a younger sister Robin died of leukemia at the age of three. In 1977 he married a former teacher and librarian named Laura Welsh. He then turned to his wife's Methodist's Faith from his family's faith Episcopalian. Four years later in 1981 she gave birth to twin daughters named Barbara and Jenna, whose names came from their grandmothers. .
             President George Bush's favorite things include many of the same things that you and I adore. Such as his favorite color is blue and his favorite pastimes are Reading, jogging, fishing, and watching baseball games. His favorite Ice cream is pralines and cream. He also has two dogs and a cat. The dog's names are Spotty, an English springer spaniel and Barney, a Scottish terrier .
             and their cat is named India who is just a plain black cat. .
             Just like his father President Bush attended Philips Andover Academy in Massachusetts before transferring over to Yale. He graduated in 1968 from Yale University with a bachelor degree right before he moved back to Texas and joined the Air National Guard. President Bush trained to become a lieutenant and to fly fighter jet planes, but fortunately was never called out to serve in Vietnam. Then in 1972, he entered Harvard Business school earning his Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) in 1975. .
             After all of President Bush's Education he decided to try his hand at the oil business. He started a company called Arbusto (meaning Bush in Spanish). He eventually renamed it the Bush Exploration. In the eighty's the decrease in oil prices took a toll on his company so he merged with a company called spectrum 7.

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