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            Laughing and Humor have been an integral part of man ever since our tree-climbing ancestors came down from the trees, stood upright, and slipped on a banana peel. In the cave of Lascaux Anthropologists discovered this joke "Why did the dinosaur cross the road?" Because the chicken wasn't invented yet ok so maybe it needs to evolve a little bit, but it's pretty funny coming for Neanderthals. Fast forward to the present and we still have people laughing at Neanderthals. MTVs show Jackass is a prime example. But this begs the question: Why are you laughing at the few puns and jokes I just made? Simply it is a reaction in the brain that causes laughter, this reaction is triggered by several comedic mechanisms. When and why these mechanisms come into play varies from person to person, culture to culture, throughout the world.
             Using Electroencephalographs, devices used to measure brainwaves Gelotologists, people who study laughter, have determined the source of this cue laugh track and humor is controlled by the brain. When a person is shown something potentially fully, within 4/10ths of a second an electrical wave surges through the Cerebral Cortex, if the wave is negatively charged, laughter is evident, if the wave is positively charged, *Crickets Chirping* no laughter has happened. Let me break it down. As soon as I start a joke the frontal lobe of the left side joke analyzing word and joke structure. As I reach the punch line of the joke the frontal lobe of the right part of the Cortex, concerned with emotional response becomes active. Then other parts of the Right Hemisphere become active and carry out the intellectual analysis required to get the joke. The electrical wave then spreads to the occipital lobe and starts to process visual signs. And finally the motor sections of the brain fire and the end product is laughter .
             So a Priest a Rabbi and a Blonde walk into a bar, Bartender turns and says to them "What is this some kind of joke?" 4/10ths of second later, wave shoots through your brain and you start laughing.

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