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            Hi friends, my topic of speech is Humor. Bible says " merry heart doeth like a good medicine." That means joyous and cheerful heart works as good as a medication. I got this article called " But seriously folks humor can keep you healthy" from Readers digest. What is humor? Humor is a message whose creativity, verbal skill and absurdity has the power to bring laughter. In my speech I am going to talk about physical health benefits, mental health benefits and work related benefits of humor. My main motive of speech is to make you aware about the benefits of humor .
             Physical health benefits: - Laughter helps the body to produce new immune cells faster. An enhanced immune system helps one resist many sicknesses, including flu, cold, and even cancer. Brain releases body's natural painkillers - endorphins when one laughs. People exposed to humorous experiences have increased ability to deal with pain. Laughter is a cardiac exercise and helps in muscle relaxation. A longtime editor of The Saturday Review, Cousins suffered from a painful arthritic disease called ankylosing spondylitis. Cousins ditched his drugs and started taking larger doses of humor. He had a movie projector moved into his hospital room, where he would watch candid camera and Marx Brothers films. A nurse read him humor books. He says, " I made the joyous discovery that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me at least 2 hours of pain-free sleep.".
             Mental health benefits: - Laughter, like crying, is a form of catharsis. It provides means for one to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Laughter can help one to look at a situation from a new angle. People with a good sense of humor tend to be less stressed-out, anxious, and depressed. It creates more positive and optimistic mood by increasing aliveness and joy. It also helps in reducing anger. One of the examples of mental health benefit of humor that I can give you is my own story.

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