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             Antony says they should get ride of Lepidus.
             Octavius says they should keep him, to be a soldier and a person to run errends. .
             Antony agrees and they keep him.
             Event-Octavius, Lepidus, and Antony make a list of people to kill.
             Character Traits-Antony shows his good side, when he decides to keep Lepidus.
             Scene 2.
             Conflict-Brutus vs. Cassius.
             Cassius tries to accuse Brutus for doing him wrong, in front of their army.
             Event-Brutus & Lucilius are talking about Cassius. Brutus asks Lucilius how Cassius recived him. Lucilius says that something was different, it wasn't like it used to be.
             Character Traits-Cassius becomes angry & loses his temper.
             Scene 3.
             Conflict-Cassius vs. Brutus.
             Lucius Pella was accused for taking a bribe, and Cassius wrote letters on his behalf. Brutus ignored them. Then Cassius became mad at Brutus for ignoring them. Then Brutus tells Cassius that he is also easily bribed. So they argue, and Cassius offers Brutus his dagger to kill him. Brutus doesn't kill him, and they work it out.
             Also, Brutus says they should go and meet Antony's army at Phillipi. Cassius says that they should stay there and wait for Antony. Bruts wins the argument, and they go up to Phillipi.
             Event-Brutus encounters Caesar's ghost. The ghost tells him that Brutus will see him at Phillipi. Then, Brutus wakes up Lucius, Varro, & Claudius to ask them if they saw the ghost, but they didn't.
             Then Brutus tells Cassius about Portia's death. Cassius says that he is lucky to still be living, after he crossed Brutus.
             Character Traits-Cassius, shows 2 sides to himself. One minute he is mad at Brutus, and the next he is best friends with him.
             Brutus shows his manlyness, by dealing with Portia's death.

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