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            Ray Bradbury was born on August 22, 1990 in the town of Waukegan, Illinois to parents Leonard Spaulding & Esther Marie Moburg Bradbury. When he was born there was no, or little if any type of Science fiction work in the world around him. And the work that was out there was for the most part ignored by the public. But even though his beginning background started out like this, some how he got the skill required to be one of the greatest science fiction writers of our time. The major advance of his career started when his family moved to Angeles, California. After he graduated high school, he went out into the work force while continuing his education. He acquired a job of selling newspapers on local L.A. street corners, while this was going on he squeezed in going to the public library during the day, and pecking away at his typewriter during the night. In 1943 he fulfilled the job of writing full time; he submitted his work to magazines and even made his own magazine called "Futuria Fantasia". Even though his work was published in a variety of ways he never got paid for any of it. In 1941 Super Science Stories accepted his story "Pendulum". By two years later he was sending in story after story to magazines. In 1945 he hit his highest success point when his short story "The Big Black & White Game" was entitled as one of the finest American short stories. Following that, he published many stories and 3 years later he published his 1st novel. This novel was called "The Martian Chronicles", which is about the first attempts .

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