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Managing Information Organizations

             Line Item Budget with Reductions 9-10.
             Appendices attached Excel Spreadsheet.
             This budget proposal is for the Anywhere Public Library (APL) Reference Department in Anywhere, Kansas. Library patrons include parent institution staff, external clients, and the general public. The parent organization is the Anywhere Public Library.
             The reference department of the Anywhere Public Library is staffed by one information professional, a part-time paraprofessional, and a clerical position. The department services over 14,000 requests for information each year. .
             This report contains includes a budget for Fiscal Year 1, Fiscal Year 2 funding requests, a funding request addendum, and a budget cut proposal. There is an Excel spreadsheet attached. The first sheet is the Fiscal Year 1 Budget (FY1) including line item budget requests. Sheet 2 is a Program Budget that contains a budget in relationship to the program goals of the APL. Sheet 3 is a pie chart showing a breakdown of how funding is allocated for each category. Sheet 4 is a funding proposal for the implementation of the ABC Reference Portal. Sheet 5 shows a proposed budget accounting for a five percent cut in allocations to the original budget. .
             Please note: Excel functions are not displayed in this document. Please see attached Excel spreadsheet. .
             Line Item Budget.
             Subscriptions and books.
             $156,000 .
             Supplies (including photocopies).
             Phone, fax, postage.
             Staff travel.
             Fringe benefits @ 38% of salaries.
             Staff development.
             Computer equipment/software.
             Program Budget.
             The Anywhere Public Library Board of Trustees identifies the following goals as part of our Mission and Vision statement:.
             Customer Service: Provide excellent customer reference service to patrons, including parent institution staff, external clients, and the general public.
             Efficiency: Streamline processes to maximize efficiency and eliminate redundancy.

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