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Contemporary Management

             "Management is the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling organizational resources."1 .
             High performance requires the efficient and effective use of organizational resources through the management functions. These are the major aspects that a manager needs to focus on, in order to manage his subordinates effectively. In the modern world of management there are many factors that can be segregated as socio-cultural and technological factors, which play a stronger part in the way managers think and act.
             "The environment is important to managers because it creates uncertainty."2 With the intention of that, managers lack accurate information about external events and thus cannot predict environment changes that will affect attainment of organizational goals. Organizational environment includes all elements existing outside the organizations boundaries that have the potential to affect and influence the organization. The dimension of organizational environment includes technological and socio-cultural conditions. These dimensions influence the organization over time but often are not involved in day-to-day transactions with it. As environment changes in many different ways, the organization would also be affected in a number of ways. We have already noted that organizations have to change because their environment is changing, and it should now be clear that failing to change would sooner or later be fatal.
             Over many years it has been seen that, the changes that are taking place around man is forcing him/her to move forward. A Manger faces different circumstances and needs to adapt to such changes and act effectively in order to bring about progress in an organization. .
             Education alone is not the bottom-line indicator of managerial success.

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