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12 Angry Men- Moral Decision

             Juror Nine makes one of the biggest decisions in the play. As Act I ends, the jurors vote again on whether the defendant is guilty or not. The first vote resulted in an 11-1 vote favoring guilty, with only Juror Eight voting for not guilty. This second vote is really the turning point of the play, where Juror Nine changes his vote, joining Juror Eight in supporting the verdict of "not guilty." It was a very brave thing for Juror Nine to do, to stand up and say what he truly believed when he had to know that most of the other jurors would be furious with him. But he put any emotions involving how other people may feel behind him, and he voted for what he thought was right. Without Juror Nine stepping forward with the second vote for not guilty, perhaps no one else would have cared to look into the case any further and perhaps Juror Eight would have given in with the crowd. Then an innocent boy would have been sentenced for murder. This action demonstrates Juror Nine's bravery, fairness, logic, belief in justice and the justice system, and compassion. He decided that a boy's life was worth spending a little more time to make sure the correct decision was reached. He came up with his decision on his own, not influenced by anyone. That's what made it so difficult to do, he wasn't influenced by anyone because no one supported his idea that the boy wasn't guilty. So he was going against the majority in his voting. But as I said earlier, without Juror Nine changing his vote, it is possible that no other jurors would change theirs and the truth of the case might have never come out. Juror Nine's voting change was a pivotal moment. .

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