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What the Buddha taught

             According to Buddha, man's position is supreme, where each man is his own master and the only one who has power that sits in the judgment over his own destiny. No inspiration from God or external power can or may have influence on the destiny of the human being, because "man's emancipation depends on his own realization of Truth and not on the benevolence grace of a god or any external power as a reward for his obedient good behavior". Therefore he emphasize the idea that everyone should do their work to reach Nirvana, for the Tathagatas, or the one who has come to Truth, only shows the path towards it. It depends on the realization of man and their will whether they reach the understanding of Truth or not. It is because of this that Buddha says "Every man has within himself the potentiality of becoming a Buddha, if he so wills and endeavors.".
             In order to reach Truth, it is important to be clear of external influences such as religious texts, speculative opinions, and logic or inferences, rather it depends on how a person know for himself that certain things are unwholesome, if so, he should give them up, and how certain things are wholesome, which are the ones that the person must pursue and accept. There are no articles of faith according to Buddha. Just to say "I believe" does not mean that a person fully understand and see. It is like a mathematical problem, where doubt and perplexity is everywhere, and you will not be able to proceed if you don't clear out the doubt, however, in order to clear out the doubt one cannot simply justify by simply proclaiming his believing on the answers to the problem because by saying "I believe" does not help to solve the problem, rather, in order to proceed, it is necessary to solve the problem based on his understandings.
             It is important the idea of acceptance according to Buddha. One should not honor only one's own believes and condemn other's, rather, it is important to accept and honor other's believes.

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