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             What does Sexual Harassment mean? For me, sexual harassment means inducing or pushing someone to do things related to sex. That's my definition but, what's sexual harassment? I see it as the gateway of today's men and women to make money and get whatever they want, suing the harasser or making what happened nationwide news. Where does the sexual harassment take place? The harassment can be anywhere, but the most common place can be at work. Where the boss calls his secretary and asks her to do intimate things that she doesn't want to. But if she refuses, she can get fired or a decrease in her salary. This example can also be shown vice versa. If we take a look at the Clinton/Lewinsky case we can se the opportunist side of both the men and women. On the men's side we have Clinton. He used his power and influences to push Monica do what she did. On the women's side we have Lewinsky as an opportunist. After she let Clinton to sexually harass her, so then she can sue him to get money and everything. I think that there's a balance because both Clinton and Lewinsky were opportunists.
             I"m going to talk about Marton's essay. She says she was harassed. But honestly I don't see it like she does. Just because that man said that he wanted to know her better do not means that he wanted to sexually harass her. Maybe he was interested in making a friendship (maybe not), but she can't say that if she wasn't harassed physically or even oral. An example of the harassment can be "trash talking" using offending and sexual terms from a person to you or someone. I guess that will be harassment but some flirting phrases like "You look good" or "Nice butt" can not be treated like sexual harassment. It can be just a joke from the person saying it and if some one does not like things like that, they should say it. But they shouldn't go running to the nearest attorney to place a demand on the person that said the joke or flirt.

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