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Obesit a Growing Health Issue

             North America has some of the most developed countries of the world which is still currently growing. As in every other country there are health concerns in North America too. One of the largest health concern is obesity. Every day more and more Americans are becoming obese and some of them are even born obese. In fact, news articles and scientific reports agree that America is becoming the most overweight country in the world. Some of the reasons for this problem are stress, television, videogames, and modernization. Obesity comes also with a lot of health risks which include hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.
             First, stress is a major reason for obesity. This reason mostly applies to teenagers. Some teenagers along with drinking and smoking find the answer to stress eating unhealthy foods. After a hard strenuous day, they might like to eat something which will maybe make them feel better. Also some teenagers under stress or depression would rather stay inside, which results in less physical activity.
             Furthermore, television is also a big reason that brings obesity. Most North Americans are spending more time home watching television than outside. Statistics show that North Americans are watching television an average of over 22 (twenty-two) hours per week. Also, this last few years the number of North Americans with a body mass considered overweight has increased by a considerable amount. This is because by watching more television people are spending less time doing physical activities. In fact, because of the new entertainment systems, satellites, and cables people are being more and more attracted to television spending up a lot more time in front of the television screen.
             Next, videogames are another reason for obesity. Video gaming is a growing industry. New and improved video games are getting more and more people of different age groups attracted each day.

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