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How to piss off your teacher

            Being a teacher is hard; they have to deal with unruly students and lesson plans all day, but being a student is worse. Think about it, we wake up at 5 in the morning, go to school all day and work, and after that when you think its over and you have a break you have homework and projects to do. That extra work pisses me off so why not retaliate on the teachers who drop all that crap on you.
             There aren't very many enjoyable moments I've had in school. By no means is it fun to sit still in the same class for 2 hours. If you want to piss your teacher of as much as she does you its easy. Make lots of noise get up and move around while she's talking, whatever. It doesn't matter if your teacher is telling you to sit down and shut up. Just act stubborn and keep doing what you do. If she tries to snap on you for your behavior follow suit. Misery loves company and with all the yelling you should be in heaven.
             I hate homework with a passion. Did you ever wish that you don't have to do your homework? The truth they hide from you is that you don't have to. Currently I"m boycotting homework I refuse to do it. It upsets some of my teachers to no end to see the grades of such an intelligent man as I drop steadily on a day to day basis. But as Malcolm x once said if you want something you must attain it "by any means necessary". Maybe my acts will lead to the abolishment of homework which will help countless future generations, but odds are I"ll just fail the class. If you feel the same way as me when your teacher ask you to give her the homework just say, "What! Homework or did we have any homework?", or come up with a lame excuse like, "my dog ate my homework or I was doing it on the bus to school, I didn't do it because I got home lat last night". I guaranteed this will work. If not the first time, do as the shampoo bottle says rinse and repeat.
             What are you doing with your life by sitting in a hard chair acting like you're paying attention? Do something random.

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