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             Industrialization began in the 18th century but didn't have as much of an impact on Europe as it did in the 19th century. Industrialization started in Great Britain with the invention of machines like the Flying Shuttle in 1733, and the Spinning Jenny in 1764 with steam as the main source of power. Industrialization didn't spread throughout Europe until the 19th century. Industrialization had made a big impact on Europe throughout the 19th century. Transportation was now improved, urbanization was becoming more common, and more jobs were being created. All of these examples are some of the many ways that industrialization had impacted Europe in the 19th century.
             Industrialism is an economic and social system based on the development of .
             large-scale industries and marked by the production of large quantities of inexpensive manufactured goods and the concentration of employment in urban factories. Industrialization had a major role in changing transportation. With the discoveries of machinery, things such as railways were being built in bigger quantities and at a faster pace. This made the use of this transportation very cheap. Railways were now being built in countries like Great Britain, France, Japan, and Germany which was an important influence in the Ottoman empire. This meant that getting from place to place was now .
             more accessible. This also meant that it would be easier for trade and shipping products to manufactures for money. Roads were also beginning to be built of longer lasting surfaces, and canals connected all parts of each nation. Steam powered ships were also being produced which helped gratefully in trade and transportation of people.
             Throughout the 19th century urbanization became heavily noticeable in Europe. .
             This is because of the masses of people who were flocking to the cities hoping to get a job at some kind of factory or business. For most countries the amount of people living in urban areas almost doubled during and after industrialization.

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