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             Epictetus had a firm belief as a stoic that one should not try and control the world, but simply accept it. The world is filled with greed, sickness, and such worries that should not be as important to us as having control on our perception of them. .
             One should not get too attached to the world and its substantiality, but rather understand that we should not be dependent on the ever-changing world. Because by achieving this independence, we will be in accordance with nature, which would mean a balanced and idealistic life. According to Epictetus, a person should not let his happiness, or virtue be affected by the external conditions he cannot control. It is important to realize that it is not the events that make us angry or cause us stress, but our judgment towards that event. We must realize that it is our own thoughts that have angered us. We should be free of the world and not be deceived the unreality that the world shadows on us. It is this shadow that keeps us from living a happy healthy life. .
             By detaching ourselves from the world's reality we achieve what its called a true sense of reality. We should realize that the world is filled with deception and ideas, and it is imperative that we don't fall under its scheme. Descartes" advice of not getting attached to the world of external things, is very crucial for any human being who wants to improve his sense of reality and learn to fundamentally enjoy life without relying on the materialistic world.

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